Air preparation

Air preparation | Line 075 1/2"

  • Shut-off/Slow Start combination

Shut-off/Slow Start combination

* Combined unit consisting of two important devices such as SV (shut-off valve) and AVP (slow-start valve), already assembled in one set and complete with electric or pneumatic control.
* Ordering just one part nr., you will be supplied a combination able to carry out the SV function of exhausting the downstream circuit and shutting off air supply, along with the AVP function of slow-starting.
* The proposed range offers different voltages for the electric version, whereas a kit with push-in fitting is supplied for the pneumatic version.
* The combined unit can be subsequently assembled with further units according to the assembling instructions provided for each Line, or, rather, it can be directly mounted on the machine.
* For further technical features of SV and AVP, please refer to the respective catalogue pages.

Assembling system