22.3 AIRCOMP logo 2019

We introduce you the new AIRCOMP trademark

Dear Customer,

year 2019 will be an important milestone for Stampotecnica who will celebrate the 50th anniversary from his establishment.

A path of half a century which has been distinghuished by passion and dedication, by a steady evolution and bringing great satisfaction, thanks to the co-operation of our customers and partners who have followed us, believing in our project. We heartily thank all of you for this.

We have made the decision to celebrate year 2019 in a special way.

We have started a new corporate project that relies on our points of strength in order to be able to offer an even more wide and innovative service to the market.

We have worked out a new logo not only for conveying our corporate values and history, but also for expressing our identity and vocation at our best.

Our past experience has confirmed us that, taking advantage of our know-how, we can propose cutting-edge solutions, and that, exploiting our production processes, it will be possible to be strongly competitive.

Our idea of the future starts from these fundamental assets which together with a training and research project will trace the guidelines for achieving unique and innovative solutions.

The new trademark will gradually replace the logo who has proudly represented us during the past years, on our products, boxes, brochures, catalogues, website, etc.

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