Air preparation catalogue

Air preparation catalogue | Line 038-039 1/8"-1/4" NPT

  • Microregulator special versions

Microregulator with lock | Pre-set microregulator

Microregulator with lock
* All Aircomp Microregulators are available in the version with lock. This regulator version allows adjusting the required pressure and fix it, preventing accidental setting changes.
* The regulator is equipped with padlock and two keys.
* For further technical features, please refer to the respective Line.
Pre-set microregulator
* Microregulators with outlet pressure pre-set by our production can be supplied upon request.
* With this version the Customer receives a pre-set Regulator featuring the required outlet pressure, equipped with tamper-proof knob.
* The tamper-proof knob enables keeping the pre-set outlet pressure, preventing unintentional pressure adjustments.
* In order to change the pre-set pressure, it is necessary to break the knob.
* Line recommended for pre-set version: Line 039, that keeps high precision on outlet pressure thanks to its own features.
* For further information about tolerance on outlet pressure, please contact our offices.