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Pneumatic program for wood, pvc and aluminium working machinery.

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The rationalisation of the systems, along with an even increasing attention for machines safety, are essential requisites in the sector of wood, aluminium and PVC working machinery.
These sectors are very sensitive to the innovations in the world of pneumatics which can increase performance and safety. Aircomp program provides several solutions for the equipment of this multifaceted sector.


End milling, wood cutting machines

Sawing machines

Dust extractors

Solutions for this sector

Air preparation batteries


Aircomp air preparation units can be assembled in true modular battery sets equipped with 3-ways manual valves, electric shut-off valves, slow start valves and additional air inlets. These modules are more and more requested for monitoring pressure as well as realising shut-off and emergency systems on the machines.

Microvalves for control console


Pneumatic microvalves Line 100 , that have been developed for being used also with electric contacts, represent the most complete and versatile range in this sector for such applications.

ISO 21287 compact cylinders Line 232


Machines of latest generation are strongly oriented towards the standardisation of components.
Compact cylinders Line 232, offering a broad choice of solutions and available bore sizes, fully meets these requirements.

Push-in fittings line 301 and 302


When dimensions make a difference. Push-in fittings Line 301 and 302 are particularly appreciated for their compact dimensions.. This is an essential feature for the optimal streamlining of the pneumatic circuits.

Solenoid valves line 115


Valve battery sets line 115 featuring 18mm body represent the best synthesis of the ratio between performance and dimensions.

Multipole valve islands Line 150 and 160


The integrated systems for the handling of cylinders are extremely important for the advantages they can provide in terms of compactness, cabling and assembling.

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