The winning technology
for the industrial automation

The industrial automation sector is choosing more and more pneumatic components made of technopolymers owing to the remarkable mix of quality, performance and design that these materials can provide to the final product.
Technopolymers, probably better than any other material, stand for technology.
A competitive advantage that our customers exploit effectively in their machines, equipment and cutting-edge systems in every sector.

Technopolymers points of strength


Easy handling and functionality. The weight reduction has generally a positive impact on shipment costs and pollution. Smaller weight = less fuel = less pollution

Design and ergonomy

It is possible to realise ergonomic and original shapes featuring innovative design.

Finishing quality

The production process ensures the immediate realisation of the product having the envisaged finishing quality. No finishing surface treatments are required (galvanising, nickel plating, etc.)
No treatments = short supply chain = less freight, less bureaucracy = less pollution

Low friction

Some technopolymers can be defined auto-lubricating, that is, they can make the life of components undergoing shifting longer (valve spool).
Reduced use of lubricants = less pollution


Technopolymers provide high compatibility with some fluids such as water and inert gases, whereas aluminium and alloys release dangerous impurities over time.

Chemical resistance against corrosion

The great resistance against chemical aggression and hard environmental conditions, with no need of surface treatment and painting, are typical advantages of technopolymers.
Therefore, choosing the most suitable polymer fulfilling the application requirements is of utmost importance.



50 years of experience in the realisation of technopolymer products for the industrial sector represent an outstanding Value, allowing us to meet the most demanding challenges.
An asset rooted in our production facilities in Correggio (RE) where we manage the whole production process for an increasingly great number of products.


A whole manufacturing cycle made in Italy


R&D and Planning

choice of materials

preliminary simulation

moulds/tools manufacturing

components production

assembling /testing

products distribution

Industrial components made from technopolymers

Not only air


The general versatility and compatibility of technpolymers have enabled our widening the Aircomp offer towards further sectors.
Today Aircomp – thanks to our expertise in the materials science and in fluid power – has introduced the water preparation program.

Water preparation range

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