Aircomp is a manufacturing company


Aircomp is a manufacturing company


Aircomp is a manufacturing company

Design and realisation of pneumatic components is our job.
What contributes to the designing and manufacturing of a finished product is strongly strategic.
Converting an idea into a product is possible only thanks to skills of outstanding level.
It is not only about planning a product, but envisioning and creating production processes for each single component in a streamlined and sustainable way.
This is possible only through experience and clear projects, which by means of cutting-edge technologies and the application of innovative methods provide high quality hallmark solutions.

6.000 m2

Covered area



R&d and Planning

N°7 Technicians / Workstation

3D design, simulation and analysis software

3D printer prototyping

Internal production

Nr. 18 horizontal presses for injection moulding

Nr. 2 vertical presses for injection moulding

Cartesian and antropomorphic robots work islands

Internal workshop

Nr. 2 spark erosion machines

Nr. 3 CNC machining centres

Nr. 3 milling machines, Nr. 3 lathes

and testing

Nr. 28 working station Valves + FRL units department

Nr. 1 complete working station for the cylinders production

Nr. 2 automated warehouses


Nr. 1 automated warehouse for finished products

Nr. 1 shipping department

Nr. 1 incoming goods control-approval department

Human & Tech values


We combine the best human talents with the most advanced technological resources

Our staff
Sales network

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