Slow – start valves – Line 042

The job of the slow-start valve is to gradually pressurize the pneumatic system upon switching it on. The gradual pressurization takes place until about 60% of the supply pressure is reached. The pressurization time can be adjusted through the speed controller positioned in the upper part of the body. Application: it can be singularly used, or, more commonly, assembled with the shut-off valve. The AVP avoids any dangerous pressure surge, that may be caused by quickly supplying the system to the working pressure.

  • INLET-OUTLET connections G1/4″
  • Maximum inlet pressure 10 Bar
  • Minimum working pressure 3 Bar
  • Reference flow rate (P1= 10 bar P= 1 bar) 1.570 Nl/min
  • Working temperature (a 10 bar) -5 / +50°C*
  • Max Torque G1/4″ IN-OUT 25 Nm
  • Weight 0,136 kg

*Below 3°C the air of the circuit must be free from humidity

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