Shut off / slow start combinations – Line 042

  • SVAV is a set consisting of shut-off valve (SV) and slow-start valve (AVP), assembled and equipped with electric or pneumatic control.
  • This complete unit, combines the functions of exhausting the pneumatic circuit and cutting-off air supply (SV) with the progressive pressurization provided by the slow-start valve (AVP).
  • The valves are available with electric control in different voltages or with pneumatic control.
  • The proposed set is ready to be subsequently assembled with other Aircomp modules, or singularly mounted.
  • For further information about SV and AVP, please refer to the respective datasheets.
  • INLET-OUTLET connections G1/4”
  • Discharge connection G1/8”
  • Maximum inlet pressure 10 Bar
  • Minimum working pressure 3 Bar
  • Reference flow rate (P1= 10 bar P= 1 bar) 1.570 Nl/min
  • Exhaust flow rate (at 10 bar in open air) 1.000 Nl/min
  • Working temperature (a 10 bar) -5 / +50°C*
  • Max Torque G1/4” IN-OUT 25 Nm
  • Electric pilot 3/2 NC 15 mm (Microsol type)
  • Available voltage 24VDC (2,5W); 24VAC; 110VAC; 220VAC (3VA)
  • Pneumatic piloting push-in fitting D. 4mm
  • SVAV E Peso 0,365 kg
  • SVAV P Peso 0,325 kg
  • Below 3°C the air of the circuit must be free from humidity

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