Oil remover DOO-CONVEYOR X

The Oil remover/Exhaust silencer for pneumatic systems removes the oil mist pollution produced by the exhaust of valves and cylinders, which are discharged in the unit and reduces the noise pollution by 25 Dba.

Filtering element in coalescent glass fiber, having the function to capture the oil particles and convey them to the oil collection bowl.

The draining plug allows connecting the collection bowl to the outside with a pipe ø6 mm.

* CONVEYOR – X is a disposable item and must be replaced when the back pressure exceeds 1bar or causes restrictions in the application.

  • Fluid compressed air
  • Connections 1/2, 1″, 1″ 1/2
  • Maximum operating pressure 10 bar
  • *Range di temperatura 2÷50°C (36÷122°F).

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