Microregulator quick exhaust – Line 039

  • Model equipped with internal unidirectional valve enabling the quick exhaust of pressure when the circuit is depressurized.
  • The most common application of SRU model provides the mounting of the microregulator between the control valve and the cylinder. The exhaust phase of the valve does not incur in any load loss thanks to the passage through the unidirectional valve, thus guaranteeing speed and high performance.
  • Pressure range 0-2; 0-4; 0-8; 0-12 Bar
  • Maximum inlet pressure 16 Bar
  • Reference flow rate (P1= 6,3 bar P= 1 bar) 900 Nl/min
  • Working temperature (a 10 bar) -5 / +50°C*
  • Max. torque inserts G1/8” IN-OUT 20 Nm
  • Max Torque G1/4” IN-OUT 25 Nm
  • Max tourque gouge port 1 Nm
  • Weight 0,100 kg
  • Below 3°C the air of the circuit must be free from humidity

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