F+MF Unit+CF – Line 075

  • Filtration set combining Filter with high condensate separation, coalescing Microfilter and activated carbon Filter.
  • The job of the unit is to filter solid particles and separate condensate with the Filter along with the coalescing function of the Microfilter, besides removing unpleasant smells in the air circuit aimed at the industrial sector by means of the activated carbon.
  • It is equipped with semiautomatic drain as standard (SS) on F and MF.
  • Available options: float type automatic drain (SA) and differential drain (SAD) that can convey condensate to to the outside even when the bowl is pressurized.
  • Bowl made from hardened polyamide with outer guard.
  • INLET-OUTLET connections G1/2”
  • Working pressure 0,5 – 12,5 Bar
  • Working pressure with automatic drain model SA: 1,5 – 10 Bar
  • Working pressure with automatic drain model SAD: 2 – 12 Bar
  • Filtering degree Filter 5 micron
  • Filtering degree Microfilter 0,01 micron
  • Activated carbon cartridge CF
  • Recommended max flow rate (P1= 10 bar P= 1 bar) 800 Nl/min
  • Working temperature (a 10 bar) -5 / +50°C*
  • Max Torque IN-OUT 1/2” 80 Nm
  • Weight 1,150 kg
  • Below 3°C the air of the circuit must be free from humidity

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