Carbon filter- Line 075

  • Aircomp activated carbon filter exploits the absorbtion properties of activated carbon in order to increase air purity and eliminate unpleasant smell in the air aimed at the industrial sector.
  • The activated carbon filter, in order to guarantee its performance, needs to be associated with a coalescing filter, that should be preceded by a 5 Micron filter (F+MF+CF).
  • It can be wall mounted through the holes prearranged on the body.
  • Closed bowl (without drain) made from hardened polyamide with outer guard.
  • INLET-OUTLET connections G1/2”
  • Maximum inlet pressure 12,5 Bar
  • Filtering cartridge activated carbon
  • Life of cartridge Replacement against pressure drop higher than 0,75 bar. Anyhow, do not exceed 2.000 working hours.
  • Replace the cartridge as recommended, the saturation of the activated carbon may not cause pressure drop.
  • Reference flow rate see the flow chart
  • Working temperature (a 10 bar) -5 / +50°C*
  • Max Torque IN-OUT 1/2” 80 Nm
  • Weight 0,335 kg
  • Below 3°C the air of the circuit must be free from humidity

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