Professional ovens – cleaning going through Aircomp regulators

Professional ovens – cleaning going through Aircomp regulators

Italy has a reputation all over the world not only for the outstanding food, but also for the production of restaurant, bakery and catering equipment. Among the Italian excellences, we boast the best manufacturers of professional ovens for food industry: companies who have designed solutions for fulfilling the requirements of an ever evolving kitchen, following customers with differing needs, such as hotels, restaurants, bakeries, bars, etc.

The need


The most careful manufacturers do not overlook any phase of the work so as to make the experience of the operators easier and more streamlined. The automatic washing of the over at the end of a cycle is a very important step, that must guarantee an optimal cleanliness of the cooking chamber within definite time and modality.


In order to guarantee the same washing features all over the world, it is essential to equip the washing system of the oven with a pressure regulator.
The analysis carried out with the customers has confirmed that a standard product was not enough, but rather it was necessary a Regulator which can guarantee remarkable stability, compatibility with the sanitizers and an high level of safety against tampering.

The solution


The natural compatibility with water of the technopolymers used by Aircomp for Line 039 has provided an immediate advantage in comparison with other materials.


The strong synergy established with the customer has enabled our quick understanding of which the most important factors were for the worldwide distribution of the finished product.
We carried out a research about the most suitable raw materials and test about the precision under different working conditions.
We have met the requirement of a fixed pre-set pressure of the regulator and the assembling of a tamper-proof knob, that today are performed directly at Aircomp manufacturing facilities.


In this project, Aircomp has taken advantage of his know-how in the regulation of fluids and his in-depth expertise in raw materials, for realising a solution that can fulfill the specific market requirements.

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