Make a good coffee – a matter of precision.

Coffe machines is a steadily growing market including different segments, ranging from household machines to professional versions for bars and restaurants.
The Ho.Re.Ca sector – consisting of automatic machines for Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee shops – is strongly expanding.

The need


Professional machines need a precise regulation of drinking water for maintaining a constant delivery of the different beverages – espresso coffee, cappuccino, milk and coffee – everywhere in the world.


The boost to research innovative solutions for offering an ever better experience to the final customer is particularly envisaged by the manufacturers all over the world.

The solution


The comparison with the most important coffee machines manufacturers for the Ho.Re.Ca sector, has highlighted how the sensitivity to the pressure regulation and the repeatability in the water flow rate should be essential for guaranteeing the drink quality everywhere.
Then we planned an evolution of the regulator Line 039 for this sector.
We have modified all the materials in contact with fluid for complying with the required certifications for food application.
We have designed an innovative closing system named WPS (water pressure stability) for the most critical applications, in order to guarantee the utmost precision even at low pressures.


Today Aircomp regulator is recognised as product delivering high quality and reliability.
This experience has allowed our best expressing our know-how as to expertise in the fluid power field, innovation capability and flexibility.

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