Cylinders with technopolymer end-caps – how resistance is improved

The applications in the agricultural sector are usually heavy duty for the systems, machines and equipment. Wear is even greater if the components are in close contact with the cattle, such as in milking and cleaning facilities. In such cases, besides the normal mechanical wear, the chemical aggression of the environment and cleaning detergents are to be considered.

The need


An important manufacturer in the milking systems sector has expressed the need to improve the resistance of the pneumatic components against chemical aggressions, causing frequent and expensive replacement.
The analysis carried out on site, thanks to the availability of the customer, has immediately shown that the aluminium end-caps in particular suffered a quick deterioration when in close contact with the cattle.

The solution


We immediately thought that technopolymer should be an effective solution and standardised in the production processes.
Our engineers have found that a particular polymer with Nylon base and fibreglass represents the solution for tackling the aggression caused by gases and liquids in the environment and maintaining a suitable mechanical resistance.
Cylinders Line 242 with technopolymer end-caps have positively stood the several test carried out on site.
The applications realised until today confirm that the proposed solution is highly appreciated both in Italy and abroad thanks to its easiness and effectiveness.

Nowadays Aircomp program for livestock systems, besides including ISO 15552 cylinders with technopolymer end-caps, has expanded to air preparation, valves and pneumatic fittings made from thermoplastic polymers which can guarantee remarkable life over time.

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