Aircomp quick filling valve – safety and speed for the best tyre changers

Today Aircomp ranks as the first manufacturer of quick filling valves for tyre changer machines in Europe – equipment used in any car workshop, helping the tyre dealer in removing and fitting the tyres.

The need


This history of innovation starts for Aircomp in the middle of the 90s when some manufacturers expressed the need of increasing the inflating speed during the bead seating phase of the tyre in order to guarantee greater productivity to car workshops during the seasonal peak periods.


For safety reasons every machine was already equipped with a pressure regulator featuring fixed pre-set outlet so as to reduce the maximum pressure and comply with the standards provided by the tyre manufacturers.
However this regulator, when carrying out his function – was making the time necessary for the tyre bead seating, longer.

The solution

The goal to be achieved for both our customers and us was clear: maintaining an high safety level and increasing speed.
For accomplishing this goal we had to rethink the concept of pressure regulation which had been applied so far. Our R&D designed an innovative product which could concentrate safety and speed.
Then, a true QUICK FILLING VALVE was realised that, through a pulsating feed system and self-reading, was able to reach a pre-set pressure adjustment in a third of the time with respect to the traditional regulator, while ensuring a remarkable safety level.
Since those first equipment and field tests carried out together with our customers, several years have passed, so that the product versions have expanded in order to meet the different market requirements.


The UNI 11691: 2017 Regulation, which entered into force in Italy since October 2017, set the obligation of a system for reducing pressure during the bead seating phase, thus confirming the great awareness about the safety issue of the Italian machine manufacturers.

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