for the dental sector

Starting from the 80s, we have been increasing our presence in the dental sector thanks to the realisation of specific products for the filtering and regulation of both water and air circuits in dental units.

The need


The required main features from this sector were compactness, compatibility with air and water, affordable cost.
A market analysis immediately highlighted that, at that time, the available products were expensive ones, made of metal and often imported.


We took up the challenge of some customers who asked us to think of an alternative and better solution as to compatibility and competitiveness.

The solution


This is where we started our research for the most suitable raw materials among cutting-edge technopolymers and our designing the first regulators which exceeded our customers’ expectations, also thanks to the advantage provided by the lightness oft the plastic materials.
The subsequent development of the modular Line 035, that was planned for making assembling and maintenance in small spaces easier, along with the evolution of Line 038 and 039, are the result of an active information exchange with our customers.


Starting from the 80s, we have gone a long way, searching new solutions we have been widening our offer and our sales market. Nowadays Aircomp can boast a comprehensive program dedicated to compressed air as well as a product range for water and drinking water, which keep constantly evolving.

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Products for the dental sector

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