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High precision regulators and microregulators made of technopolymers

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In the sector of professional painting, being able to reduce the weight of the pneumatic component as much as possible is an essential benefit in order to guarantee easier handling and greater precision.
In many cases the compatibility of raw materials with a work environment filled with solvents and paints is another critical point that Aircomp considers when designing products aimed at this sector.


Spray guns

Spray gun compressors

Pressure tanks

Compound spray guns

Solutions for this sector

Regulator 039 EPDM


The regulator lightness and the high compatibility of the internal elastomers have boosted the use of Aircomp regulators 039 EPDM on spray guns all over the world.

Filter regulator 1/4″ – i piccoli dalle grandi prestazioni


“TC” (short bowl) version, that is available for filters and filter regulators Line 042 1/4″ , has been designed for reducing overall dimensions of the units and making the maintenance in small spaces easier.

Custom solutions for our customers


Developing regulation and filtration units for masks used in the painting sector is part of our job in co-operation with our customers.

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We can develop customised projects so as to realise products providing high added value
for the painting sector

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