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Technology supporting the Medical sector


The sector of systems and equipmet related to Healthcare is extremely demanding. Noboby would accept a compromise when health is at stake. Therefore Aircomp offers to the medical, dental and podology sectors, highly performing pneumatic components. By their nature, technopolymers allow manufacturing components that are very light, compact and with good finishing, that are ready for being used in a wide range of applications.


Dental units

Dentist table

Podology machines

Dialyisis machines

Oil-less compressors

Solutions for this sector

Line 035 modular compact solution


This regulators and filters Line for air and water regulation has been developed for being assembled in particularly small space.
The combination of regulators in battery set allows delivering regulation units having independent pressures.

Line 039 INOX pressure regulators for drinking water


Line 039 INOX that is realised using certified polymers for the food industry and stainless steel, is particularly appreciated in the dental, medical, coffee machines, water dispenser sectors because it can ensure quality and precision over time.

Line 039 POM pressure regulators for drinking water


Line 039 POM has been designed using certified polymers and metal components made from brass with chemical nickel plating NSF 51. The main application sectors: coffee machines, water dispenser and dental units.

Custom solutions


Our direct relationship with the machine and equipment manufacturers enables our realising regulation and filtration units that are strongly customised.

Heparin pump


A fully customised project has been realised for the hemodialysis sector. The electromechanical system dosing heparin has been thoroughly reworked using polymers featuring high performance, which can guarantee the high quality standards required by this sector

Pneumatic foot valve


A pneumatic foot valve used in the dental technology sector, which fully consists of Aircomp components: pressure regulator with fixed pre-setting, valves, compact cylinder and connection fittings.
An application example requiring compactness, functionality and reliability of each single component.

Components for the medical, dental and podology sectors

Service aimed at the OEM manufacturer

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We can develop customised projects so as to realise products providing high added value
for the medical and dental sector

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