The right lubrication is needed

Aircomp pneumatics supporting the most advanced lubrication systems

Lubrication makes life longer


A correct lubrication makes life of components undergoing wear and tear longer. The leading edge lubrication systems are designed to deliver the minimum lubricant quantity and need pneumatic components ensuring high reliability.
The lightness and compactness of Aircomp products aimed at the lubrication sector provide an added value that is appreciated by the most important international players.


Oil pneumatic pumps

Grease pneumatic pumps

Lubrication systems

Lubrication pneumatic pumps

Solutions for this sector

Regulators for grease and oil pumps


In this sector easy and competitive solutions are required for ensuring the proper filtration and air regulation.
Modular units 042 1/4” TT fulfill effectively these requirements.

Battery sets for air preparation with shut-off and slow-start valve


Aircomp air preparation units can be assembled in true modular battery sets equipped with 3-ways manual valves, electric shut-off valve, slow-start valve and additional air outlets.
In lubrication and greasing equipment, systems regarding operator’s safety and safeguard of machines can be realised by means of Aircomp modular battery sets.

Regulators Line 039 1/4“


Pressure control is extremely important even in the easiest systems: it make the system safer, reduces consumption and makes life of components longer.

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for the lubrication sector

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