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Regulators and microregulators made of technopolymer with certified raw materials

A quality menu, raw materials make the difference.


Food industry is a sector having particular requirements: all the materials aimed at these applications must have precise features and are ruled by specific certifications.
In order to fulfill effectively to this type of demand, Aircomp proposes regulators that are fully made from certified raw materials.


Coffer machines

Water dispenser

Professional ovens

Meat processing

Sorting machines

Conditioning, cooling systems

Solutions for this sector

Pressure regulators for water Line 039 INOX


Line 039 INOX, that is realised from polymers certified and stainless steel, is particularly appreciated because it can guarantee quality and precision over time.

Pressure regulators for water Line 039 POM


Line 039 POM has been designed using certified polymers and metal components made from brass with NSF 51 nickel plating.

Water filtration and regulation


For the applications not requiring certifications, such as washing and cleaning circuits, etc, Aircomp has developed a specific products program for water preparation.

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