The power of air under control

Regulators and microregulators made of technopolymer featuring high stability and precision

Stability and lightness


Compressors for professional use as well as for the dental and medical sector require performing components featuring high quality in order to fulfill their reliability, precision and lightness needs. Aircomp air preparation Line fulfills these technical requirements and, thanks to his customised solutions, results to be a distinctive element in the accessories program proposed by the main compressor manufacturers.


Professional compressors

Oil-less compressors

Spray guns compressors

Solutions for this sector

Quality range for the professional compressors


Our air preparation units are featured in the catalogues of the most important compressor manufacturers. The professional compressors require components which can perform adequately as to quality and reliability.
Aircomp complete air preparation range featuring connections from 1/4″ to 1”

Filter regulators TC – small ones delivering high performance


“TC” (short bowl) version, that is available for filters and filter regulators Line 042 1/4 , has been designed for reducing overall dimensions of the units and make assembling and maintenance operation easier.

Custom solutions for spray gun compressors


For precision works, quality and repeatability over time are required. In the world of mini compressors for spray guns, it is important to keep working pressure under control.
Filter Line 042 featuring gauge “ON TOP” improves the visualization of the working pressure.

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for the compressor sector

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