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We have been working with passion and commitment for the agriculture and livestock systems sector, to which we offer pneumatic components made of technopolymers, materials that combine remarkable lightness with resistance – against wear and external agents –high performance and reliability over time. Essential qualities in a sector where the working environment, the chemical aggression and the frequent washing of the systems noticeably reduce the life of components.


Pneumatic gates

Opening / lifting systems

Livestock cleaning systems

Solutions for this sector

ISO 15552 cylinders with technopolymer end-caps Line 242


A cylinder line distinguished by great resistance against chemical aggressions that are usual in the cattle shed environment. Cylinders are available from bore size 32 to 100 mm with a wide range of standard and special strokes.

Valves and solenoid valves in technopolymer Line 120 and 125


In this sector valves are generally exposed to impurities of every kind.
The use of polymers having high resistance reduces aggressions coming from the work environment.

Filtering and condensate separation units


Strong temperature changes cause a lot of condensate in the pneumatic circuits. The choice of the most suitable solution in terms of regulation, filtration and condensate separation avoids expensive extraordinary maintenance.
Aircomp modular units – from 1/4“ to 1” with automatic and semiautomatic drain.

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