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Differential automatic drain

* “SAD” automatic drain allows draining condensate, which is within the bowl, both when it is pressurized and depressurized.
* It is a differential type drain: when the condensate preset level is reached, an air consumption of minimum 0,2 bar takes place.
* As necessary condition for the condensate drainage, there must be a pressure drop caused by the normal working of the circuit (ΔP=0,2 bar).
* Technical features
- Minimum working pressure: 2 bar
- Maximum pressure:12 bar
- minimum ΔP: 0,2 bar
Minimum "ow rate: 30 lt/min
* Product complies with Directive 2002/95/CE (RoHS).

* Ordering codes:
C42.02.00012     differential automatic drain "SAD"
C40.02.00131     drain assembling kit