Air preparation catalogue

Air preparation catalogue | Line 042 1/4" NPT

  • Microfilter (depurator)

Coalescent oil-proof microfilter

Essential in circuits where oil is not permitted.
* Coalescent cartridge made in microfiber, allowing an high filtration efficiency of 99,97% on 0,01 micron particles.
* Can be wall mounted using the relative holes.
* Manual and semiautomatic condensate drainage in the integrated (SS) or float type automatic version (SA).
* Bowl available in two configurations: transparent toughened poliamide or with outer bowl guard.
* It is advisable to install a filter 5 micron element, to consent long-lasting of coalescent cartridge.
* Maximum operating pressure: 230 Psig (16 Bar).
* Max. ambient temperature (at 145 Psig) 122°F (50°C).
* Max. torque inserts 1/4” NPT IN-OUT: 221 Ib (25 N·m).
* Recommended flow rate (P=91 Psig): 6.9 SCFM (180Nl/min).
* Weight: 0.21 lb (0,095 Kg).

Assembling system