Air preparation

Air preparation | Line 075 1/2"

  • Automatic filling lubricator

Automatic filling lubricator

* Essential when the oil must be quickly and safely loaded without interrupting the normal operation of the system.
* Filling is achieved by keeping the button at the base of the lubricator casing depressed. This provokes a vacuum inside the cup enabling the oil to be intaken.
* The flow will only interrupt when the button is released.
* The oil level must be visually inspected.
* Minimum attivation pressure: 3 Bar (0,3 MPa).
* Other functional features as standard model.
* Max. torque inserts G1/2” IN-OUT: 80 N·m.
* Reference flow rate (P=10 Bar - Δp=1 Bar): 3550 Nl/min.
* Weight: 0,395 Kg.
* Product complies with Directive 2002/95/CE (RoHS).

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