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Air preparation catalogue | Line 042 1/4" NPT

  • Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filter

AIRCOMP activated carbon Filters exploit the absorption properties of activated carbon in order to increase air purity and eliminate unpleasant smells in the air aimed at the industrial sector.
The carbon filter, in order to guarantee its performance, needs to be associated with a coalescing Filter, that should be preceded by a 5 Micron Filter (F+MF+CF).
* Fluid: compressed air.
* Activated carbon filtering cartridge.
* Closed bowl (without drain): that comes in three versions: transparent hardened polyamide (TT), with outer guard (PE) and short bowl (TC).
* Maximum operating pressure: 230 Psig (16 bar).
* Maximum ambient temperature (at 145 Psig): 122 °F (50° C).
* Maximum torque 1/4 inserts: 221 Lb (25 N.m).
* Reference flow rate: please see the flow chart.
* Life of cartridge: 2.000 hours / Filter pressure drop exceeding 10 Psig (0,75 bar).
* Replace the cartridge when scheduled, the saturation of activated carbon cannot cause load loss.
* Weight: 022 Lb (0,10 Kg.).

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